The Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association is a double-blind peer-reviewed journal published annually and distributed to both members and institutional subscribers. JAEMA contains scholarly articles, book reviews, and short notices relating to all aspects of the early medieval period in Europe and other parts of the world from late antiquity and the end of the Roman empire to about the end of the eleventh century.

JAEMA aims to give a forum to both emerging and established scholars from Australia and elsewhere to publish original research that engages with primary and secondary sources with a clear methodology that advances knowledge and stimulates discussion among members of the association and all interested in the early medieval world. In particular, given that the early medieval in Europe is a time of transition between the ancient and medieval worlds, JAEMA aims to appeal and be relevant to readers who are specialists, students, and the educated public interested in the historical, political, social, literary, cultural, religious, ethnic, geographic, and interpretive crossovers between those worlds explored using traditional or innovative frameworks of analysis and argumentation.

ISSN: 1449-9320
ESNN: 2207-2802
DOI: 10.35253/jaema

Annual submission deadlines:

  • for issue 1 – by 1 May
  • for issue 2 – by 1 September

The Journal applies the standards promoted by COPE (Committee on Publication Ethics) and is committed to furthering ethical standards in its management including peer review processes and dispute resolution processes.

Printed copies of the Journal are distributed to financial members and institutional subscribers. The whole of the Journal’s content is available to members through the digital content publisher Informit. Non members may purchase individual papers online from Informit. A limited number of printed back copies are available for purchase directly from the association.

The journal does not conduct advertising or direct marketing.

Institutional subscribers should contact AEMA directly