Style Guide

Manuscript submission instructions

Manuscripts must use 12-point type with double spacing throughout, including notes. Italics should be used as needed, but boldface should be avoided. Additional space should not be inserted routinely between paragraphs or between notes; use subheadings when necessary to signal a division between sections of the text. The parts of the manuscript should be printed in the following order: text, appendices, illustrations. The manuscript should be paginated consecutively from start to finish. Notes should be printed as footnotes not endnotes. Captions and illustrations should be placed at the very end. To ensure fast peer review and publication, manuscripts that do not adhere to the following instructions will be returned to the corresponding author for technical revision before undergoing peer review.

Title Page

The title page must contain both a descriptive and concise title of the paper; names and qualifications of authors(s); affiliations and full mailing address, including e-mail addresses and a contact telephone number.

Abstract and Keywords

Abstracts and keywords are required for original and review articles.

Tables and Figures

Illustrations, tables, maps and figures should appear on separate pages following the footnotes. They must be numbered consecutively and include captions which identify the source of any image or data. Glossy prints or digital images are required for publication. Authors are responsible for obtaining and paying for all copyright and reproduction charges.


Authors are urged to double check all references ensuring that they are complete and include accurate page numbers. References to manuscript, archival and printed government sources should follow recognised conventions and avoid ambiguous contractions. Subsequent citations to a work previously cited should provide only the author’s last name and the page number(s) and, in the case of citations to more than one work by the same author, a short title of the work. Do not use Ibid. or other Latin contractions. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively and follow the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition) note reference forms. Authors should consult the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition) at


JAEMA follows the Chicago Manual of Style (16th edition). Authors may also refer to Kate L. Turabian’s Short Guide to the Chicago Style.


JAEMA is published in British English. For word usage and word division, please refer to the Oxford Concise English Dictionary. Abbreviations should follow the Oxford Classical Dictionary.


Articles should be submitted by email to as a .doc, .docx, or .rtf file.